4 Ways on How to Love University (When It Gets Tough)


Relative: How’s University?

Me: It’s great. 

Reminder: Be happy like Moomin when asked that question.

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“I love university,” said no one ever.

If you’re in first year and reading this, congrats and welcome to university-now the source of your debt, despair, and lack of sleep.

If you’re in second year, you’ve luckily survived first year. Lucky you.

If you’re in third year, you’re halfway there and almost ready to die-almost.

And if you’re in fourth year, you’ve miraculously survived the past four years and have earned the ticket of freedom aka that piece of paper with “Bachelor of Arts/Science/Design/Commerce/etc..” on it.

Jokes aside, university really is a fulfilling, meaningful, and purposeful journey you’re meant to take. But there are times, where you’ll come across negative feelings towards university-more specifically towards the workload. And possibly towards your profs and TA’s. But the best thing to do at this time is to work with what you’ve been given and power through by doing the best you can do.

I wrote down four ways on how to love university as a personal reminder for me to remember what I’ve been blessed with and see the hardships I encounter as gifts to help me grow and become better.  I hope these four ways also act as a personal reminder for you to keep going!


Image: Erin Ho, Personal Photo

1. Accept Where You Are Right Now

Accepting where you at this point in time helps you gain a better perspective of things. Right now you may be feeling unsure about things, stressed, or even hopeless. Just remember that things aren’t static or permanent. You will finish that 5,000-word paper, memorize your lines for that scary presentation, and complete your assignments. Even if you completed it, but it wasn’t your greatest work, at least you did your best. And if you didn’t complete it or do you best, hopefully you remember the lessons learned and improve by learning from those mistakes.



Image: Adventure Time, Giphy

2. Take Breaks (but not for too long)

Sometimes you’ll get too caught up in working and end up super focused due to approaching due dates and shrinking days to work on them. Taking breaks from your school work helps clear your mind and eases up your mind from all the hard thinking you put it through.

A popular method of incorporating healthy breaks is the “Pomodoro Technique“. Even taking a quick social media break is fine, as long as you don’t get sucked in for 15+ minutes. Taking breaks helps you focus better, producing a better mood and attitude to take on schoolwork. You’re better refreshed and happy with mini breaks versus working 5-7 hours straight. Your mind deserves a healthy break and so do you.



Image: Erin Ho, Personal Photo

3. Go Out and Make Memories!

Don’t make your four years at university ALL about studying and working. You need to go out and explore! When you spend too much time on campus it becomes your whole world. But it isn’t the whole world. Travelling to different countries or even going downtown reminds you how much bigger the world is. You’re able to look at university and appreciate certain aspects of it more. When you go out with friends, old and new, good memories are made together that add fun, pleasant, and fond memories to your university experience.



Image: Unknown, Giphy

4. Embrace the F r e e d o m

Going to university means you have way more freedom than before. If there’s one thing to really love about university, it’s the freedom that allows you to grow and push through to become the person you need to be, which is a great thing. Embrace the freedom you now hold and are responsible with. (You now have the freedom to eat the whole Nutella jar. Do it, enjoy it, and learn from it.)

These are the four ways that helped me love and appreciate university more during the tough times.


Me after I finish all the stuff I have to do.

Image: Unknown, Giphy

What are some things you do to help you appreciate university (especially when it gets stressful)? 






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