aloha, i’m erin. šŸŒŗ

I’m a human that enjoys life and hopes to visit hawaii someday. But currently I’m a student at University of Toronto. I’ve named my blog “Uni Sailing” to illustrate how I see the journey of university, which is comprised of highs and lows that will throw you off your feetĀ and a place where you will have trouble navigating at times. But you will arrive at your destination, no matter how long and tediousĀ it gets.

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, chances are you’re trying to figure out and navigate through the messiness that is university. This blog is intended to help you. But don’t expect to find “10 ways to become more productive” or “how to write the best study notes” here. You can find more qualified blogs and even Pinterest boards to cover those topics on how to become a better student.

Here, Uni SailingĀ focuses on the less talked about topics of university like how to live with people, why it’s okay to feel alone at school, and having theĀ career talk. I also have anĀ informative guide onĀ UTM.Ā So read on and I hope these things help you navigate through universityĀ more smoothly.


As a uni student, what I wish I could do 24/7. Image: Karl W., flickr